AP-related Ticket questions

I booked our hotel with an AP rate so I know that I need to get an AP for one of us. We don’t have park tickets yet. (Will be there July 2 - 6). Planning to get them from UT. Should I only buy 3 (family of 4) and order an AP from the UOR website, or should I buy 4 from UT and upgrade one when we get there? Since we don’t have tickets yet, and they will be less than the cost of an AP (2 park, PTP either 4 or 5 days), it seems easier to just order 3 from UT and not have to deal with upgrading but am I missing something here?

Also a couple of probably dumb questions-
An AP can be used in USF and IOA on the same day like a PTP ticket, right? And even though the level of AP I will be getting (Power so July dates aren’t blocked out) doesn’t offer EE, I can still use my PBR room key to get EE, correct?

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If you buy a ticket form UT and then upgrade it, you can save a few dollars of the cost of the AP. If Universals sells a ticket for 300 and UT sells the same ticket for 275, if you upgrade the ticket to an annual pass you will pay the difference between an AP and the cost of the ticket that Universal sells it for.

As long as you are not blocked out of a park, the AP will function as a park to park ticket.

For early entry they need to see an AP or a room key, so just use the room key for early entry. No one will ask to see the AP if you have your room key.


Ah. That makes sense. Thank you! I had forgotten that they charge the difference between their regular ticket price and AP, not what I paid for my ticket and the AP price! Thanks for answering the other questions too. :smile:

I have a couple more questions as I get ready to leave.

  1. Does it matter what name is listed in the Uni app when I link our tickets from UT? The app prompts me to enter the name of the purchaser, not the name of the ticket holder. I’m thinking it doesn’t matter because the finger scan will ultimately match up with each ticket, but I want to make sure I don’t mess something up.

  2. Can I upgrade one of the tickets from UT to an AP at the ticket counter at the hotel, or do I need to do it in the parks?

The only issue i see is if the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work, they may ask for photo id, and if it doesn’t match it may cause issues.

Ok. Thank you!

However, once i had a printed digital ticket with my name for my niece. Since i bought the ticket, it was in my name. The ink was spreading and so the scanner didn’t like it. I was able to go to guest services and have a new ticket printed with her name on it. Maybe you can contact Universal and ask about changing the name on an unused ticket.

Thanks. The digital tickets from UT have each of our names on them - I just wanted to upload them to my wallet on the app so I didn’t have to open my email/a web browser each time we entered the parks, but the Uni app asks for the purchaser’s name instead of the ticket holder’s name. I found that to be confusing. I’m going to try to get printed tickets from the ticket counter at the hotel too so the app and/or digital tickets will most likely be more of a backup.