AP Rates

Can anyone tell me if there are any AP rates available for All Star Music April 6-11? I’m going to be chaperoning my daughter’s school trip, and I’m wondering if there’s a reason (excuse…) to go ahead and buy an AP to save on room rates.


When I open the page it says: $167.80 a night- details show 4/6 as $137 , 4/7 and 4/8 as $172 and 4/9-4/11 as $179- it is showing as room rate I do not think it is an AP rate

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Ok- you have two different offers here- if you book 4/9-4/11 it is 143.20 a night.

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Thanks for checking!

Then it goes to those other rates for those other days- funny for about two minutes it showed a lower rate but it is gone.

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I guess maybe the cheaper rooms already sold! I think that’s the standard rates, you’re right.