AP Questions

We are doing a split stay at the end of November for 8 days staying offsite first and then moving to the Contemporary for 4-5 nights. Since we are looking at a cruise next summer (with a day or two at the parks) and another trip next fall, we’re looking at getting a AP. I have a couple of questions:

  1. If we buy the voucher online - will we be able to access the AP room discounts immediately on MDE (when out window opens) without activating the AP?

  2. From what I’m reading you will not get your AP Magic Bands until you activate your pass, which would mean not until after your first trip - correct?

  3. I read that you are able to call and get the AP room discount without being an AP on the condition that you have your AP at check-in - how difficult is this to get the discount?

  4. If #3 is correct, would it make more sense to buy our 8-day tickets from a discounter and then upgrading to a AP onsite before we check-in?

Am I missing anything else?


If you order the AP voucher online you can link it to your MDE account. This allows you to view the Passholder pages in MDE and view and book AP room rates. It also allows you to get the AP discount in the Shop Disney Parks app (10% off) automically. When you reach day 60 of your onsite stay the off site FP window will open too!

You will not get your AP magic band until after you activate, but you will get your MB for your CR stay and a discount card. The AP MB is exactly the same (you would pick a different color most likely) and an AP slider will be in the box to attach to that MB or the one you get for your CR stay. Since the both MBs are linked to your MDE account, and your AP is noted there- MBs are interchangeable.