AP promotion for 40% off a DLR ticket for a day

Hi everyone! Did anybody try to buy a ticket for 40% for a friend with the promotion that is running this summer? I want to try to use it twice and I wanted to be sure it worked! I think there might be limits on tickets available each day, so is there anyone who ran into issues?


I was looking into this do with family that might come with us later & it looks like you can 2 per day per pass. But I don’t know if there is any other limit.

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@JuliaMc said there seemed to be no limits. But you have to be there when your friends go through the turnstiles. And they take a picture. Which is good to know!

So you can only buy two tickets per AP PER day.

But you could go every single day of the promotion and buy two tickets! Your pass just needs to be valid.

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