AP Price Increase on Preferred/Premier as of this AM!

I can’t believe my timing! I had purchased the Power AP on 4/9, and had determined over the past week that I should call to upgrade to the Preferred b/c the break-even on the food discounts would almost pay for it first visit, and I might be back in the spring for a work event, which is blocked out on the power pass.

So I call today and the guy tells me there’s a $160 differential (!!) (and I had priced out $75-ish). I said that’s not what it said online, and he said if I was going of info prior to this AM, that is correct. He said they just got the email this morning about the price change. Ugh. Of course, buying the power pass on the 9th gave me no advantage as that didn’t change in price.

The reason I even bought it in April to begin with was I had researched, and in the past they seemed to raise prices in June, and I wanted to get ahead of it. I guess I wasn’t quick enough not the draw.

I’m so bummed now b/c I think I’ll be back in Orlando for work event in the spring, when power is blocked out. I don’t want to spend $160 extra on the ‘chance’ I’ll be back during a block out period.

Such is life.

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I posted this on the thread I started yesterday:


aww. I saw the original post, with the preferred pass rate I was planning to upgrade to. I can’t believe my timing, LOL. They changed it this morning of all times.

I thought I was being smart by buying it in April and even calling today to upgrade. They are so random with their increases.

In 2014, when Diagon Alley opened, a UOAP Preferred pass was $295.

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The old prices were still online when I saw the new prices posted but if you tried to purchase, the price increased.

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Just as an aside, the private VIP tour cost is now also directly comparable to Disney. It literally doubled from my trip in 2021.

I think they are trying out a new pricing model before the new park opens. I’d love to see their sales data.

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I have been wondering if the higher level APs could have some advantage gaining accessing the new park.