AP Preview for Runaway Railway?

Anyone heard anything or have I missed any announcement for an AP preview?

Welcome! Ask anything & as often as needed! :smiley:

CMs just started ride training about a week ago. No CM or AP preview schedule announced yet.

I just received a passholder email that said March 4. Isn’t that opening date?

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I did not get this email and I am a PH. Did everyone else?

It was a generic Passholder email that advertised the opening date amongst other things…it didn’t talk about a preview from what I saw.


I received it an hour ago. Maybe it was sent to your spam folder? It just has the opening date for MMRR as well as other seasonal goings on at WDW.

Nothing yet in inbox or spam. Can you tell me the exact name of the sender? I am concerned because I don’t remember receiving PH emails at all lately, even though MDE has our AP’s in there. Thanks.

It came from Disney destinations.