I have a FL seasonal AP, which I activated in May. I have not received a special AP MB and/or slider. Is this because my AP is FL seasonal, or should I call someone to ask why I didn’t get one. I DID, however, get a car magnet (which I’ve never gotten in the past).

When you go to http://mydisneyexperience.com and click on “MagicBands and Cards”, does it show you have an order waiting to be customized?


Paul - Once again, you had the answer :smile: I checked and there was one waiting for me to customize. Now done and ready for shipping.


When did they start doing MBs and stickers for seasonal passes? For mine started last October, I got neither, and only got an MB when I made a Disney hotel reservation in May.

Disney does not ship them until you ask for them. Go to MDE. Click on magic bands and cards. To the right it should indicate you have an order to customize.

Just to close the loop on this, my AP MBs arrived in the mail today, with the pass holder slider. All is cool.