AP Holder Discounts at Disneyland Hotels

I am trying to weigh the value of getting an AP for DLR. We’re planning to get five-day park hopper tickets, but I’m kicking around the idea of staying for another day or two and getting an AP instead.

One of the benefits would be the discounts I could receive in dining and merchandise, but I don’t think those discounts would necessary cover the difference in the cost.

The biggest offset to the cost from what I could tell would be the discounts on the rooms one of the Disney hotels.

Would anyone happen to know if the discounts that AP holders get at the Disney hotels fairly decent? (I.E, What percentage off are they?)

Are the room discounts offered relatively consistently or are they a bit sporadic? Would I be better off just going with the regular five-day pass and waiting for an offer through Disney Visa or Disney itself or perhaps going through a TA instead?

Would you use it anymore after that trip? Or do you have WDW plans so that a premier pass might make sense?

It’s difficult to say at this point if I would use it afterward. I would love to, but, realistically, I probably wouldn’t be able to - at least within the year.

Hi Robert, I had the same question in November 2014 when I last went to Disneyland. I ended up, while at the park, buying the Annual Pass because they basically prorated what I already paid. I think I had a 4 day park hopper when I got to Disney but then upgraded while I was there. It helped a little to be able to spread out the payment doing it that way and gave me time to think about wanting the annual pass.

Now as for the discounts, when I got the pass I was told 10% discount for food and merchandise in the parks and 10% discount at a minimum for the disney resort hotels with deeper hotel discounts throughout the year. Based on the hotel discounts (I always stay at paradise pier) I decided to get the deluxe pass, I was also sure the person at the ticket booth told me if I want to come in on a block out day I could pay around $69 for a ticket on those days.

Unfortunately, now disney has changed their plans. They no longer offer a 10% discount on the rooms and there are no blockout day tickets. So far they still have the 10% in park discounts. Since November I have been watching the disneyland annual passholder website and from what I can tell we just get the same discount as non passholders but passholders are offered the deal about a week or so earlier than the general public. (please keep in mind I’ve only had a pass for 6 months so I do not know if there are better discounts that just haven’t come around yet) That just changed with tis offer. Right now the offer going on is up to 25% discount through June 15 and a free fastpass per guest. Non passholders look like they get 15-20% off depending on the room and no fast pass.

I did email disney about the changes and asked them why they would have gotten rid of the standard 10% discount and blockout day tickets and asked why I would want to renew my pass. They are trying to comp me with offering me a discounted parkhopper ticket on the day I’m blocked out of the park, but basically said that they decided to get rid of the standard 10% discount and offer passholders bigger discounts throughout the year and that blockout ticket sales have not been offered for years.

I am honestly unsure if I am going to renew my pass. The cost raised from $519 to $549. The main reason I got it is I plan to go down at least twice a year and when I did my calculations in November it saved me about $300. From some quick calculations based on being in the park 9 days (2 different trips) If things stay the same next year I will have only saved about $100 if I renew. Just not sure if it’s worth it…

Oh and I also have a disney visa from Chase and they are running the same 25% discount as an annual passholder (it even came out earlier than the passholder discount) It just doesn’t have the fast pass.

Sorry I rattled on so much. I had a hard time last year making the decision and couldn’t really find much information. Rather than telling you what you should do, I wanted to explain what I’ve learned.

My Challenges won’t stop be from going to Disneyland though still love that place!

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Thank you so much for your detailed and thorough reply to my question. It definitely will help me make the decision.

While prices of the passes did go up, the discounts did go up as well. With the premium passport (for just Disneyland) 20% on merchandise and 15% most dining. Hotel discounts have been seasonal the whole time we’ve been pass holder (first one was last July). Best discounts were given in off season up to 30%, but usually when offered more like 10%. Premium passport also gives free parking.

Deluxe passes I believe are 15% merchandise & 10% most dining. For the difference in % of discount, the free parking (when you need it and gives you the option to stay farther away) & the unblocked days, the extra for the premium is worth it.

Our first time too we bought a park hopper then upgraded our park hoppers to the AP. When we renewed this summer, we were also able to get a slight discount which made the price of our renewal about the same as what we paid last year before the price hike. We just had to renew before it expired.

If you are going again within the same 12 month window it is very worth it. If not, then stick to the park hoppers.

We are going to DL in December and have gone back and forth between a deluxe AP or PH tickets. We will have 7 days in the parks and the lowest priced combo of PH tickets we found was $505 for a 5 day PH and a 2 day PH. AP is $549. So it seems like a no brainer to pay the extra $44 for the AP and get dining and merchandise discounts. We plan to have at least 1 sit down meal a day plus do the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour, which also offers and AP discount. Getting an AP will also allow us to return in April and stay offsite with Sheraton points. We’re from Maine and the dates we have planned are not during any blackout times so the deluxe seems to be the best option for us!

If your planned trip has no blackout dates, go for it! We use Sheraton points to book to Sheraton Park on Harbor Blvd and have found that while it is at the edge of what is walking distance, is a great way to get to Disneyland more often than we would (and for the trips where we don’t use rewards points, but pay, we are earning rewards points for future stays!). The discounts are also a nice bonus for things you’d already be buying in the parks (meals, tours, merchandise). Enjoy!!!