AP FPP Question - same day plus advance 7?

Suppose we have 7 days of FPPs booked from July 1- July 7 as APs.

If we visit the parks on June 30, would we be able to make same day FPPs, without having to cancel FPPs for a future day?

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You don’t have an onsite stay?

Short and sweet! :slight_smile: Thanks!

We’re in Fl for a month+ to visit friends and family. We have 2 nights at CSR, one at AKL - not consecutively - and a condo rental offsite for the rest of the time.

Just hoping against hope I had found a loophole in the 7 days system, but on looking back, nope, it’s clearly just 7 days. The plan now is FPPs for 5 days from hotels, one day of FPs for July 4, and play it day by day for #7.

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I was up early and happened to see your question with no answer!

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Thanks! I also see I’m not quite succeeding at my quoting – working on my Liner skills! Bear with me - Lol