AP/DVC guardian’s preview

Ok who else is trying for this…

And are you looking for AP or DVC

Just curious Remi had serval dates for AP and only a few for DVC. DVC didn’t book out very fast

We will use our AP bc I think you need to have reservation using your DVC points. Since we live locally using AP has a better chance.

Agreed I have a reservation at SSR but that was through RCI leftovers so I am not staying on my points

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We are AP (DVC resale) so will try for the AP preview. I really wish they would give a better idea of date ranges, we are out of state and leaving 5/6 which means I am sure the previews will start 5/7 :rofl:
I also saw D23 is offering previews - we did the Remy D23 preview and loved it. Pricey but loved the imagineer talk and there were far fewer people so we rode Remy 6 times! Will definitely try for the D23 sign up too


oh I did not get the D23 ones - the D23 sold out before I could get it

I have bad news, I’m afraid. Media previews are from the 4th to 6th of May. They don’t usually do the AP & DVC previews before the media ones.

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I’m hoping for both. But pulling for DVC. DH and I are the only ones with APs. We will gladly go twice, but if the other 7 people in our traveling party can’t partake it would be a bummer.

Story of my life lol

have the media dates been confirmed?

trying to figure out where we stand as far as our upcoming May stay at SSR…

DVC sign-ups for previews opens at 9am tomorrow.

This page will refresh then:



Thank you for sharing the link!
It doesn’t say if it’s DVC w/ a reservation or just an owner and no time zone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think it’s for anyone, no reservation required.

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Did you get an email? I didn’t and I’m a DVC owner :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Awesome!! I’m surprised there’s no mention of specific dates.

No, I never do.

It’s just been posted over on. WDWMagic.

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sad, I got an email for AP sneak peeks for Remy

I haven’t gotten an e-mail yet today, but did get the save the date one a couple of weeks ago. I’m guessing the emails are being sent, it just takes a while for the system to process them. When I send emails out to my subscriber list it takes the e-mail provider about 15 minutes to send it the 200 people on my list.

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I may have been too hasty. You did need a resort reservation for the Remy previews.

Guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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Haven’t had a chance for preview before. How does it work? DVC card holders only? Immediate family (DS and DD) included? Others in our reservation?

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At least for Remi- “eligible” members and only those on reservation.