AP discounts on stays through December 25 now available

I’m on hold now to see if I can modify my reservation to the discount.


They have discount packages for non-AP holders as well.

I’m going to start a second thread about them as well.

I cry foul!

I called, but the price WITH THE DISCOUNT would be $878. WITHOUT the discount, it is $840! Huh?

The CM talked to a supervisor to figure it out, and it sounds like they aren’t offering the room I’m in at a discount for our date of travel.

Truth is, my wife and I are thinking about dropping our Contemporary night anyhow, and extend our Boardwalk Villa by one night if we can rent the points to do so.

I cancelled my AP 8/11 but obviously Disney hasn’t gotten around to it yet. I was still able to book the AP rate online for our December trip. With no-contact check-in, having my AP cancelled would likely not be an issue. I suppose if it was noticed I could play dumb and then upgrade my ticket to an AP, assuming they are selling them again. So I’m sitting on my recovery package and AP room-only reservations. Will see if they both stay…my theory is the system will not kick them out since one is RO and one is a package. Not too worried since we may not go at all!

When are you planning on (possibly) going in December?

What I find interesting is that WDW extends this offer for three more months and adds two new offers for all guests and there is no waiting on the web site and no busy signals on the telephone reservation line.

When I called, I had to wait about 7 minutes on hold. But then, I called pretty early on.

But clearly folks aren’t storming the gates on this yet.

In the meantime, I booked a single night stay using the 40% discount at Boardwalk villa 1-bedroom to replace our stay at the Contemporary. That saves me $300. But it also means Disney loses out on $300. :confused:

If the lady we rented our first seven nights at Boardwalk can do it, we’ll extend our DVC rental through her by a single night and drop the Boardwalk I just booked as well.

12/8-14. When are you there?
Was that $840 for one night at Contemporary?

I called the number just before I posted and got straight through.

12/1 - 12/9. Funny if we bumped into each other at Pooh again. :wink:

Yes. Main tower, theme park view room. We planned to watch the fireworks from our balcony. It was a splurge.

But now? Well, there is the off chance they bring back the fireworks I suppose!

We wouldn’t be in parks until the 9th so would probably just miss you. But I hope you get to go and have a fabulous anniversary trip! Look into the Sunday CG brunch if you have the chance, it was our best WDW meal ever!

I had zero issues using the change function online. Have a tentative booking at Art of Animation in November. We are still going back and forth with staying off site … and September trip in 11 days will determine if we decide to go again in Nov. The advantage with onsite and being AP - is we can book all 5 park days.