AP discounts - how good are they?

We are considering upgrading to APs when we go to Disney in December (assuming bridging isn’t impacted by the new ticket pricing strategy). How good are the hotel discounts with an AP? Will this make it too tempting to schedule a trip every few months?
I already scheduled a last minute trip just to go to F&W in a few weeks, our December trip is the “big one” and I have one booked for Flower & Garden because I have wanted to see it…so, I obviously already have ZERO willpower when it comes to Disney! Wondering if getting APs will make it much worse.

I have always booked discounted rooms in the past through MVT and those rates have always been better than an AP discount. An AP discount has been better than my bounce back rate in the past.

Edit to add: I just got an AP rate for CSR for this month that is the same as my POR rate with MVT during President’s week.

That is very good to know!

Just having an AP (not counting hotel discounts) makes me want to schedule frequent trips. I somehow justify it because I don’t have to consider the cost of tickets.


@Dreamer this is my biggest fear!!

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AP rates, when you can find them, can be pretty good. The issue is availability - there isn’t a ton of it, especially during busy times. I usually book MVT and then switch to AP if one becomes available and at a better rate. I found AP to be better for my October days (27-Nov 1) and Dec (5-7) but MVT was better in February (Presidents week) and June (3rd week).

That fear is real. APs have a lot of power.

Where can you see pricing on MVT site? I tried to figure out what pricing looks like and must be looking in the wring place.

You have to request a quote.

OK thanks.