AP Discounted Room Resv before purchasing AP

We’ve been AP holders in the past but let it drop for a few years.

How do I see what specific room discounts are available (resort / date) for an AP discount. I know the general terms but need to see what is specifically available - which will help us decide if we want to purchase a new AP? I think this use to be easier.


I have an AP and would be happy to check for you if you’d like to give me dates and resorts you’re considering.

Above is the Spring 2016 AP discount, which is the only one currently available other than the one that runs through Dec. 23.

Thanks Manateesmom. Would you check either BC/YC or Poly for 2/28-3/4 or 3/6-3/11.

I appreciate it.

Would it be ok if I followed this thread? I was wondering the same thing…I’m travelling in May and was wondering what AP discounts may come available and pricing it out to see if picking up an AP would make sense. TIA :slight_smile:

I will be linking an AP in the next month or so. When the rates are released just post here. I for one love looking up room rates!

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The more the merrier!

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What are the current (if any) deals for AP’s in terms of room reservations? The spring room offer is 25%off at POR and 20% off at POP.
i don’t currently have an AP but I’m considering. MDE won’t let me view the current resort prices with AP during my trip…@manateesmom or @PrincipalTinker could you give any insight?

would you like to give me dates and traveling size and I will screen shot any resorts you may want? This morning I looked at AKL, no standard rooms but Pool View was not too bad. YC was not included in my dates.

Travelling solo.
May 4-11. At the moment I’m doing a split stay
May 4-8 Pop
May 8-11 POR.
I’m curious to know if there’s any difference in price for AP room only reservations for those dates. If it’s the same then I’ll upgrade to an AP for sure

Got it!

I wasn’t sure what format on Pop would be easiest to read. It looks like no standard views.

Thank you so much!! Even with a pool view it’s still less than what I’m paying currently with the Spring Resort Offer.
You’ve done so much already could I ask 1 more favour? What the total would come to for a pool view room at pop from May 4-8
and a garden view for POR May 8-11?

Let me put them into my cart!

Pop is 486.00

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POR is 496.14

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I can see these prices and book them with AP rate and I have not activated my AP yet- in case you are thinking of that.

Thank you so much!! That’s what I was thinking linking an AP to my account so that I can see the prices and then activating it once I arrive there.