AP Discount

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Trying to decide if we should upgrade our tickets to APs. We live in Utah, so we trade between land and world on our vacations depending on what is most cost effective. I am trying to figure out what the AP room discount is traditionally like. Anyone have resources for that? Thanks,

Many times i have gotten 35% off rack rate. However there is not always a room available. Was not able to get the discount for my Dec 2017 trip for lack of availabilty

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When do they release dates for AP room discount? I am planning on upgrading one of my tickets for my May trip and would do so before if I could get a discount. Can you get the discount before you activate an AP–would arrive and activate on same day?

Yes, you can book on an AP discount before you activate. If you buy an AP now you could also get the discount on the Shop App now.

This is exactly what I was thinking for our trip the last of May/first of June.

Do you know what the current discount is?

Right now there is no discount past 4/14. Just go to the regular WDW sight, hover over places to stay and click on “view special offers”, lower right of window that pops up, in blue

Here is the MouseSaver updated list. As discounts are released they are added. Currently 25-35% room or ticketless packages.

Thanks everyone!