AP Discount on Park Tickets

Does anyone know if you can still get AP Discounts on Park Tickets, if there is already a deal going on? We have an AP in our group for our Trip in March, and we are trying to figure out if we should just buy tickets now and with the Buy 3, Get 2 days free deal. Or if we wait until we arrive, can we get the AP discount on that same deal?

if you have Ap’s why do you need park tickets?. Checking for I and my wife if we bought the four days tickets it would be $760. If we buy AP two park it is $724. No brainer here.

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I think the discount on the buy three get two free is greater than the AP discount:

“One across-the-board perk for being an annual passholder is that you can purchase normal multi-day tickets to the two theme parks at a discounted rate for friends and family: the Seasonal Pass rate is 10% off, while everything else is 15%.

Of course, there’s some fine print to this deal. For starters, you’ll need to buy this admission at the front gate – over the phone or on the website won’t cut it. Additionally, Express Passes aren’t part of the offer (not even if you try the bundled theme park/Express tickets that Universal likes to highlight in its marketing), and neither is the three-park Explorer pass.”


I don’t think you’d get the discount on promotional ticket prices, just on regular gate price of multiday tickets, so the free days should be the better deal.