AP discount at meals

Practical question here.

When paying for your TS meals, how do you handle/bring up that you have an AP for the discount?

We only did one TS in August, and it felt a little awkward. I waited until the waitress brought the bill. She happily took the discount off when she brought me back my credit card…but since we will be eating a lot more TS this time, I was curious what the protocol should be?

For example, should I just slip my AP card and Credit card together and not say anything? Do I mention it up front?


They prefer you to mention up front any discounts or plans… frequently a good wait staff will ask upfront. Nothing to be embarrassed about :wink: BUT check your statement at the end to make sure it’s been applied


I have always been asked. If it is not asked, I have always provided the information (“I am an Annual Passholder, could you please be sure to apply the discount?”)



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Same. Although with my Tables in Wonderland card. Don’t be shy or reluctant!! Also, I think it actually helps the server to know upfront vs. running the bill and then having to go back and re-run it with the discount


This is correct, also Disney Visa cards have 10% on several TS locations as well.

Looking at this list I did not realize the Disney Visa has 20% off the entire purchase (excluding alcohol) at Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. ( Does that include doughnuts?)


Yes. (Donuts question)

I tell them before, then find I have to sometimes remind when we get the bill :crazy_face:

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I always asked everywhere. Do you have AP Discount? Do have TIW discount? If even I knew they did not, I always asked just in case.

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Okay. Thanks, all. I didn’t think about saying anything before we ordered, but that would definitely seem less awkward.