AP Cost-Benefit?

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my 8-day PH to an AP for my family’s Halloween 2019 trip to the World (7 of us are going for 8 nights). I’ve spent a good deal of time planning out our dining choices, and calculated the eligible AP and TiW discounts. It looks like upgrading my ticket will save us money overall. Am I missing anything?

Item $
Platinum Pass $894
8-day Hopper Ticket $(550)
Memory Maker $(165)
4 adult MNSSHP $(20)
TiW Membership $150
AP/TiW Savings $(423)
Total $(114)

I’ve purposely omitted “souvenir” discounts (we will have a minimal budget for this), and free parking (we won’t use it).

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I don’t get the TiW bit. When I tried to figure out AP savings for myself, I couldn’t get it to pay off for a single trip (even considering we benefit from the free parking). But it was a benefit if we were doing a second trip (which we are).

I suspect your TiW bit is the difference.

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This totals $423 of savings…

$50 at Tony’s for lunch (20%)
$29 at Artist Point for dinner (10%)
$40 at Tusker House for breakfast (20%)
$12 at Flame Tree for lunch (20%)
$62 at Be Our Guest for dinner (20%)
$39 at 1900 Park Fare for breakfast (20%)
$47 at Biergarten for lunch (20%)
$15 at Via Napoli for dinner (20%)
$93 at CRT for dinner (20%)
$35 at Cape May for brunch (20%)

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I guess, I mean, I thought you could get TiW without an AP. So the savings isn’t really tied to that, is it? I think I’m missing something.

TiW is only available to Florida residents, DVC or annual pass holders I believe. So unless he’s a local, TiW is not an option without an annual pass.

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Ah. Okay. That’s the part I didn’t know. :slight_smile:

Carry on. Only an idiot to see here! :wink:

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This is correct.

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I think your math is good. I couldn’t get TiW to work for us with 3 for most of our meals since the annual pass was giving us 10% most places already. I think TiW saves you another $47 after paying for itself though based on your numbers. Paying for 7 has it’s advantages - at least in savings.

Have to say I’m a little surprised/disappointed the MNSSHP discount is only $5 for annual pass holders. I expected a little more there…

The AP discount is also good for any tours or After Hours event if you were thinking of them. And of course if you can dovetail “next year’s trip” in a touch earlier in the season where the AP would cover 2 trips you really make out.

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I was surprised by this too.

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Any info or experience with AP discounts on EMM tickets? I’m wondering if it that is done like the MNSSHP tickets - I can use the AP discount for 3 guests?

I haven’t been able to find any evidence of an AP discount for EMM, unlike DAH.

Yeah, same here. :frowning:

Not DVC. I’m DVC and I can get TiW only with my AP.
I think your numbers are generally right, and it is among the reasons why I get an AP annually.
Just to be certain, though, note that while TiW gets you 20%, the AP alone gets you 10% at all of the TS you list.
And I think TiW does not work at QS, like Flame Tree. And neither does AP.
But the AP does not get you anything off adult beverages at the TS meals, so that may bump up your savings with TiW.
So, the numbers might be not exactly what you have here. The AP is likely worth it for you, but the TiW might not be worth the $150. It used to be $100 and now I will also need to do some calculations on whether I will buy it this year.

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But not on all nights. I bought MNSSHP for October 31 but at full price because there were no discounts. Make sure to check which nights offer AP ticket prices.

I think you’re onto something here…

  1. Have more kids.
  2. Go to WDW.
  3. Profit!

That was my philosophy. I managed steps 1 and 2 pretty nicely (I have five kids). But that third step is trickier than it looks! :slight_smile:


Probably just need more kids. Something about economy of scale. …i don’t know.

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Hmm. That ship has sailed.

Oh. That would be a bummer. I just figured my check hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. Maybe it doesn’t come until the youngest moves out of the house.

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Funny you mention Flame Tree. They do take TiW there. Also at Pizzafari.
So, there are a few QS, including some resort QS.

The biggest benefit for us is that it covers alcohol too. 20% off booze at WDW is significant.

@TheProphetPaul, any chance you would make one more trip in the 12 months that your AP is valid?