AP benefits

Trying to do number crunching to see if an AP is worth the cost, but can’t find some details. Can any AP holders here help me with the following:

  1. What is the typical discount on MVMCP?
  2. Any benefit/discount for Princess Half Marathon?
  3. Will there typically be some room discounts available for marathon weekend?


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1 - I don’t know. I’ve never been able to go when one was happening.

2 - No discount, but registration usually opens (for some slots, not all - I don’t know the percentage) about a week or so ahead of the general opening date for AP holders.

3 - I believe I got one for Marathon Weekend in January a few years ago (or maybe that was a CM discount…but if they had those I’m pretty sure there was an AP discount also). I do not know about the Half Marathon Weekends…given that Princess is the tail end of Presidents’ Week, which is pretty busy, I would not count on it.

  1. AP party discounts are usually about $5 on select nights.

  2. I have found MVT discounts are usually better than AP rates.

Thank you!