AP Availability Calender

Only Epcot is available in August for AP holders, and in September HS is gone for APs.
I am worried that once AP’s use there August reservations they will rebook for September.

If this is the case, we may end up in a loop were AP’s get 3 days a month.

Disney are switching unused availability to APs closer to the time. There is still availability for resort guests.

Unless anyone is making very last minute plans it doesn’t really affect any other guests if AP holders are going every month if they’re making use of the last minute availability. Some are even booking day-of at whatever park has slots left.

I had very briefly toyed with the idea of dropping our on-site reservations at Disney and going back to renting a house. With how things are right now, we could save a lot of money doing that, and due to no FP advantage to on-site stays, there wasn’t an advantage to being on property really (other than the “feels” of it).

But I nit a snafu when I considered the fact that I had an AP. It would mean that everyone else would still be able to get into the parks with their park reservations, but I would only be able to get 3 days worth, and no guarantee I could get the same days they could.

This is very likely intentional. In order to draw in more revenue, in order for APs to be able to guarantee they can get into the parks, they would want to book a resort as well.

So, we’re definitely staying on property! :slight_smile:


That’s where I am right now, I have an AP but DH, DS’s have expired. We will pick up FL res. tickets for them but they have better access to days on the park res. system. We’ll be playing it by ear. We had a DVC res in Sept that I just canceled and banked cuz DH doesn’t want to stay in hotels right now. Day trips will have to suffice for now. We do have a DVC res. in Dec w/ DS, DIL if he gets home from overseas. It isn’t looking promising right now for that; he still doesn’t have his orders and was suppose to return in Sept. I actually believe he’s safer there than here.

TMy friend called yesterday to complain about this… she told them we are out of state and travelling with someone with a 7 day ticket and that it was unfair that they could reserve all 7 days, and we could only do 3.

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This makes it hard to plan. They need to be more transparent about the numbers in some way, to help AP’s plan.

I actually switched from on-site to off-site, due to the fact there is no real benefits.
But now i slightly wish i stayed on-site so i would have an additional 3 days of reservations.

I guess my fear is, this is going to turn into 3 days a month and then a rush to grab your next 3 days.
And as of now, i wont be able to go to Hollywood Studios on a weekend in August, except for my existing reservation on August 7th. And September is filling up too for HS.

The past two days I’ve been able to get a park reservation with my AP for the day of or the next day. This is new. Not going… yet. I was just checking to torture myself.


Great News! I have been checking, and i haven’t noticed.
I will start checking it more regularly.

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They added more AP availability for August.

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It’s about time they showed APs some love :heartpulse:


Now they need to do this in 3 1/2 weeks so I can get AK On Sept 19 :joy:


Shouldnt be a problem now!!

How do you subscribe to that posting (WDW-NT)? and it’s about time Disney give attention to their APs, cuz I’ve been wondering about the benefit if I can’t ever get in, but if it means they are increasing capacity then that’s a different story. When we were walking out of HS on Wed. a CM remarked about my large shopping bag, “Thanks for shopping!” . I thought it was a curious remark, not offensive mind you. My husband replied, “Just doing our part!” The park wasn’t particularly crowded, but still waited 40 min for runaway railway. Just TOO hot right now.

So I need them to do a drop the week I am there! I want to get AK on Sept 19 - can only do that after I use an AP park reservation. It filled up again already :stuck_out_tongue:

We fly home on the 19th and AK is the easiest park to do when you only have a few hours before heading to the airport.

Came today :heart_eyes:


I just google WDW news every morning, and look through all the different news sites, like an addict, hahaha.

I agree on the too hot, we dipped into Epcot last night for dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel. We got in about 4:00 rode Spaceship Earth, ate around 4:30. Walked around about 5:30 and it was still tough in the heat with the mask. It eventually starting raining, which helped with the heat, but the humidity hit rainforest level.

Our next reservation isn’t until September 15th at MK, cause of the new Halloween decorations are starting on the 15th. Well roll over there after school, so maybe arrive about 4:00 again, hoping its not too hot.


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Too bad you couldn’t trade reservations with others, that would be really helpful, but probably exploited to the moon.

Got mine today. Um. Is that teenage Pebbles from Flintstones? 'Cause that’s who it looks like. Would have been happier if it had been the castle or something. This isn’t really something I would want on my fridge.

(Yes…I know it is supposed to be Tink.)

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hahaha, now that you mention it…I do see a pebbles resemblance. I like Tink so I’m happy about it.