AP and staying on-site reservation

Not sure if this part has been announced by disney yet and I haven’t seen anything else, but this group is always in the know if there is a know.

Wife is AP passholder. We will be staying on site in august. Will staying on-site remove the possible restrictions that AP seem to have with reserving which park on what day?

For example, pre-covid-19, making FPP with AP was limited to 30 days, max of 7. But if staying on site, then you got 60 days and length of stay.

Will the same be true for park reservations and AP? Or is this pending info from Disney?

I believe that level of detail is still pending. I’ve not read/seen/heard anything about it yet. I’ll be following if someone else has more intel.

@wallacefam This blog had some more detail: https://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2020/05/29/update-disney-launched-a-new-annual-passholder-webpage-with-new-information-on-the-reservation-system/

I have an AP and an onsite resort reservation. It’s been my understanding through communications sent by Disney and others on here and other message boards that since I have an onsite stay, I’ll be among the first to be able to reserve parks for my stay and that I should be able to reserve a park for each night of my stay. So, I hope that’s what happens!


Staying onsite over-rides the AP status. Just like everything about FPs would say “onsite can book at 60 days, APs can book at 30 days”; an onsite AP holder got the full onsite perks.

And like FPs, I think AP holders staying offsite may be limited as to how many times they can book a park reservation in a month.

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