AP and FPP

Okay, my husband and I have AP’s that expire in Oct. We have a trip planned for Feb, so I want to not renew in Oct, but just get new AP’s in Feb. However, as I understand it, if we wait until Feb to get new AP’s, we would not be able to make FPP in Dec when our 60 day window hits because we don’t have active tickets, right?

But in theory I could buy tickets on UT before our 60 day window for the Feb trip, and that would allow me to make FPP. Then while we are in the world in Feb we can convert those to AP.

Is this accurate?

Yes it sounds accurate to me.

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You could also buy an AP voucher in December and activate it when you arrive. You can make FPs with the voucher.


Thanks ladies

You also won’t get the renewal discount if you wait.

Yeah, I’m okay with that. It’s like a 15% discount, but if we were to renew in Oct, we’d be “wasting” 3 months on the pass. :slight_smile:
Thanks for helping me think of all the angles and implications.

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