AP advice

Hi There!

I’m probably going to get an AP for 2018 since I now live in FL woohoo! I am just trying to figure out the best way to go about it (aka save the most money).

I’m a FL resident. I have tickets for 2-9 Dec, but they are military rate. Can I convert a military ticket into an AP? If so, how do I go about It?

If not, what’s the best time to buy? Do they go on sale?

Any word on you could bestow would be greatly appreciated!

I know nothing about APa, but this is probably what you’re after

Thanks for this thread! The sheetbisnt really answering my question though. But I posted it there :slight_smile:

If they are Military Salute Tickets, no they can’t be converted. If they are military discount Magic Your Way tickets, then yes they can be bridged.

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Let me clarify a bit more. With the Salute tickets you’d have to pay the difference between what you paid & the cost of an AP. With the Military discount tickets you should pay to “bridge”. You should pay the difference between the gate price & the cost of the AP. For me it was $356. I bridged a military discounted MYW 4 day park hopper.

So you’re saying I could still convert the Salute ticket into an AP but I wouldn’t really “save” money. The $209 I paid would just go toward the AP. So, if the AP is $700, I would pay $491, correct?

I believe so. It was my understanding that you pay the difference. You may get a break with the tax on the AP. Doesn’t hurt to ask. You can’t bridge them because of the deeply discounted price for the Salute tickets. To be honest I only got the 1 AP which was bridging the MYW. I upgraded mine at the ticket counter at Epcot. We had used our 6 Salute tickets for the year & had to get 1 MYW ticket. Upgraded because next year I knew we’d go over the 6 Salute tickets again.