AP activation

Can I activate all AP's if I have the cards and families MB's at GS or does everyone have to be there?

I don't know the answer but I asked this before and didn't get a response so I'm following along with you. smiley

Hope we have better luck this time...:)

I found this on the FAQ on Disney's website.....it sounds like everyone has to be there.....we are still on the fence about getting them for our upcoming trip....

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From Irenek on chat @kellymouse5

They have to be there for ID. Oh, and make sure they give you a card for each AP. For some reason the CM only gave me one card for our family. The MBs worked perfectly, and GS later in the week was confused why we only had one card, too. Enjoy

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Thanks @Grumpyinbrooklyn1 and @jhulighan!

The family in front of me when I activated had the MBs of the kids "in the bathroom", and they were activated. The adults needed IDs.