AofA vs POFQ

I am planning a muligenerational trip for October of 2019.

Sorry, that was not finished. I am looking for pros and cons to staying at AofA or POFQ. Have a reservation for 2 rooms at POFQ. Wondering if it is worth the cost savings to switch to value. Will be traveling with 5 adults, a 3 1/2 year old and a 13 month old.

I would stick with POFQ. You lose a whole sleeping surface by doing an AoA suite and at least 3 of the adults would be sleeping on pull out/down beds. Plus they would be sharing with the 3.5yo. I think you’ll be happier at POFQ.

If I did AofA, I was concerned about distances to quick service and bus stops while in the resort. I have a memory of seeing the long lines for the values leaving the parks while we were in much shorter lines for The Swan. So POFQ appealed to me because of fewer rooms. I had thought that I would still book 2 rooms no matter where.

So would you book 2 suites at AoA? Also how do the people split into rooms? The suites at AoA are usually priced about the same as a room at a moderate. You could potentially do an AoA suite and then standard room at Pop. They are very close and you can use shuttle from either location. Both have their own dedicated shuttles so I hear the waits are decent.
At a moderate though you will have nicer pools and different food options. I would stay st POFQ unless it was a significant savings or you wanted the extra space with multiple AOA suites/rooms.

Thanks for suggesting another option. I will play around with numbers with that idea. I much prefer the deluxe resorts, but since I am paying for rooms and food for everyone, I won’t spring for that. I think that we will need some separation in order to maintain sanity.

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You can also check in with MVT. We booked rooms through them at Pop for about $100 per night. At that price you could get 3 rooms for the price of 2 at POFQ. They also had discounted rates for rooms at POR when I was looking for our Dec trip.

What is MVT?
I had a code through Disney for my after Thanksgiving trip in 6 days. Hoping for a discounted room or free dining for this fall 2019 trip.

Magical vacations travel. It is a travel agency that gets a lot of love here on the forum. It offers convention rate prices usually. You can check out their website and see if any of their special rate offers match your dates. You can also request online quotes from one of their agents.
You can always get a bounce back offer during any stay if you are staying onsite. If you don’t see one in your room call x8844. You need to book before you leave but you can always cancel later if needed. I think the current offer is for free dining.

Thank you. Staying at AKL. I will watch for a bounce back offer and call if I don’t see one!

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You could also look into renting points for a 2 bedroom villa. Lots of space + kitchen & laundry in room.

Thank you for another good suggestion. I have never done anything with points.

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We just stayed at POFQ last week. I really loved it. It was smaller and quieter. One bus stop–we never waited for more than 15 minutes for a bus from the resort and pretty close to that back. My kids loved the pool, which wasn’t busy. The rooms are just enough. We liked the counter service restaurant there enough to eat there twice. I really just loved the feel of it!

Thank you. Tomorrow we will be checking in to AKL. I am crossing my fingers for a bounce back that will hopefully be good at POFQ.