AofA Suite vs. Two rooms

Our upcoming trip will be my family of 4 plus my parents. Out of curiosity I ran the numbers on the cost of us all staying together in an A of A Family Suite vs. us having two rooms at Pop. I was astounded to find that it would cost us $700 more for a 7 night stay in the suite vs. the two rooms! So we’d be cramming 6 of us all together, all using one bathroom, and downsizing from 4 beds to 2 and a pull out sofa, AND it would cost us $700 more! This seems crazy. Is there something amazing about these suites that I’m missing??


There are 2 bathrooms in the AoA suites, so you wouldn’t have to share just one.
I love AoA, but that’s mainly because my 3 year old is a Cars fanatic and so the themes at AoA wins out every time. His eyes every time we walk out of the room and see Mater are priceless.
Before I had kids, I loved Pop Century because of the dedicated buses (AoA also has dedicated buses).
I think you should check out the room layouts and some videos online for both resorts before you decide. Think about the interests of the people on your trip. To me, it’s worth the cost. To you, it may not be! Check out the videos as they might help.

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I missed that there were 2 bathrooms! That definitely makes it easier to manage. My kids are big (15 and 12) so the theming is not as important to them, but I will certainly check out some videos. We’ve stayed at POP and All Star Sports before and would love to experience some other places, but we are typically looking for the best value because we are rope drop to park close kind of people and spend minimum time in the room. Thanks for the info!

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We are staying in a suite at AoA and my parents are staying in a Little Mermaid room. There are 6 in my family - me, dh, 11, 11, 6, 5. We could have done 2 rooms (4 people each) or a suite and a room. We did the suite even though it was more money. Having more space, a tiny kitchenette area and two bathrooms was key for us! We also just got a room discount off the suite, so I think that pretty much evened our the price vs. 2 rooms.


DIS just did a review on AoA family suite. They talked about how you could get two LM rooms for less but here is the link:

Hope this helps

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We stayed at AoA with 4 adults and 2 littles. It worked out for us because our kids were 4 and 1 so we really needed the extra hands right there for getting ready. We also used the little kitchen station a lot because we were washing bottles and sippy cups. If the kids were bigger, I would probably have gone for 2 rooms and saved the money. It’s also nicer to sleep in a real bed as opposed to a pullout.

Also - at AoA location means a lot. The Nemo Suites are closest to the pool, lobby and buses. The Little Mermaid rooms are quite a hike!

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My kids are teens and we stayed at AOA a few years ago. While the suites were great for our family of 4 (kids did not have to share a bed and the 2 bathrooms were great), I think 6 people in there would be too crowded. Fine if the kids are little, but not teens. Also the food court (and the whole property really) is like a Toys R Us on steroids. So overstimulating for us, there are so many strollers and little kids (that bring a lot of noise) that it did not feel like a quiet place to relax. I stayed at POP in a refurbed room in October and loved it! I would get 2 rooms there and enjoy some separation (and enjoy the $700 as well).

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