AofA Little Mermaid Room--Coffee concerns

My group is staying Little Mermaid rooms for a week in February. We have several adults who will want coffee when they wake up in the morning. From my research it seems that there is not a coffee machine in the rooms. Would like advice on the best way to obtain coffee bright & early in the morning at this resort. Wondering…

  1. Do I need to pack a coffee pot and bring with us??
  2. Will we need to walk all the way to the main building cafeteria to get coffee?
  3. Are there any smaller stores/food vendors located on the Art of A property that are closer in proximity to the Little Mermaid rooms?

We want to avoid waiting until we arrive at the parks to obtain coffee so that we do not waste precious ride time doing this…and not to mention we will have a bunch of crabby adults with headaches by that point;)

Easiest would be to bring a coffee maker. Maybe a keurig for ease of use and everyone can drink their own particular brand. Can’t say for sure at AoA but at Por we’d have had to go to the main building for anything other than soda.

Of course the mods have a coffee maker so that is kind of a moot point lol.

We stayed in an LM room in May, and we did have to trek over to Landscape of Flavors in Animation Hall (main building) for our coffee fix each morning. We didn’t find any other place to do that, and there aren’t any shops over in the LM area (or in any resort areas outside of Animation Hall, except for the pool bar by the Big Blue Pool).

For my next trip, I’m bringing my Nespresso Pixie. My favorite coffee maker in all the world (takes 20 seconds to heat up – and it’s primo stuff!). Highly recommended.

Occasionally at busy times of year there will be a coffee cart in the little mermaid section, but otherwise, hike all the way to main hall. I bring via instant packets from starbucks for the room. You can also rent a coffee machine from local places in orlando who will drop it off and pick up at your resort.

I just walked to Landscape for coffee and then jumped in my car for the parks (left my car near Landscape the night/s prior). Always have Starbucks Instanft Via for ice coffee too on me: part of my WDW survival kit :slight_smile:

We’re complete coffee junkies. We mailed ourselves a cheap coffeepot and coffee a week before we went down. Worked great.

Do they make good coffee? Milk alternatives?