AofA- dog question

Considering a Cars suite at AofA. My kids love Cars and I would like for them to be able to experience this resort. But, I am allergic to dogs.
Can anyone share their experiences with the resort being dog friendly now, like allergic reactions, barking, dog hair, etc.?

Thank you for asking this question! We want to book a family suite for June 2019 but my Dgd is very nervous around strange dogs. I am curious about how they will handle their “can’t be around dogs” guests. If they had family suites at the other value resorts I wouldn’t be worried about it.

There are more service dogs at hotels then pets. If you have not had a problem before you should not have one now. I am allergic to animal fur dogs, cat ect… I have a dog with hair and we stay in pet friendly hotels when we travel, I have never had a problem.

We are going to AoA this June and picked the Lion King suites, just in case there are barking dogs. My son loves Cars, but I didn’t want to take a chance!