AoA to Riviera for 8:30 ADR

Will we be able to take the Skyliner to Riviera that early in the morning? Epcot doesn’t open until 11. I wasn’t even thinking about if the Skyliner would be open!

Well worse case scenario and the Epcot line is not open, you can always take the skyliner to CBR and walk to Riviera. We did the walk this summer and it takes about 10 minutes.


I’m pretty sure this is what you have to do. I have had a few people I know in this very situation and that’s what they have done as well.


Should be able to show Cast Member your reservation and they’ll let you on to go to Riviera. I did it back in June.

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Another scenario. your staying at a crescent lake resort and get to HS early. Say you forgot something in your room and need to go back. Surely they would let you ride skyliner back right?

You would think so but in my experience- no- not if EP is not officially open. They told us “boat or walk”. They wanted to reserve the EP line for morning RR arrivals.

I might just have bad luck but it didn’t work for me.

Oh that’s good to know. Will try that & of all else fails, walk from CBR.

Oh yes, I forgot about the boat.