AOA to IG?

We’re planning on taking a mid-day break at AOA before touring only World Showcase (no Future World.) It looks like it’d be better for us to get in through the International Gateway rather than the main entrance, but what would be the fastest way to get there from AOA? My wife will be using an ECV, so we have to keep that in mind while planning.

My thought is a Minnie Van. We plan to do the same in December and will likely take a Minnie Van to Beach Club and walk through IG.


Thanks, @sford75! About how long do you think the walk is? And is it ECV accessible? (First time in Epcot!)

Just walked from Boardwalk to IG and it’s all ramps/walkways. If you have time to take a really scenic route, you could take a bus to HS and ferry to IG. Ferry takes about 30 min, but it is a pretty ride!

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The walk isn’t that long and it’s defitieky ECV accessible. I think the hardest part will be to get a Minnie Van that is accessible. I know they have them but not sure how many at this point.