AOA to Fantasia mini golf using Disney transportation

If you wanted to go play at Fantasia mini golf and you are staying at AOA. What’s the best way to get there if you don’t want to drive?

Hrm… You can take a Bus to any park, then take a bus to the Swan and Dolphin. Or you can take a bus to HS then take the Boat to Swan and Dolphin. Or Bus to Epcot, walk through Epcot out the International Gateway then walk to Swan and Dolphin or take Boat to Swan and Dolphin. Once you get to Swan and Dolphin, just cross the street.

I honestly would uber, unless you have lots of time.

I recommend going though, it was cute and fun!


I am a big fan of Disney transportation and almost always a proponent.

This is the one major exception I’ve found.

Getting to mini golf takes FOREVER by Disney transport. Save yourself 90 minutes and pay the $10 to Uber

@nevahuddleston, Here is some useful info for Ubering within Disney World, especially if you have kids that need car seats: