AoA to chef mickey

Going in May and staying at AoA. Flying so won’t have a car? Planning breakfast at Chef Mickey and then going to EPCOT. What time should I plan breakfast? Not sure how much time to get to Chef Mickey? Not sure best options to get to Chef Mickeys? How long to get from Chef Mickey to EPCOT?

You can just take the bus from AoA to MK and walk over the the Contemporary. That’s probably the easiest.

MK bus from AoA and walk to Contemporary like @ryan1 said. Then Epcot bus from Contemporary. I can’t personally speak to bus timing, but Disney recommends 60-90min for bus transportation. That would give you a 9 or 9:30 reservation time which cuts it close on you getting to Epcot before 11. If you get an earlier reservation, you could Uber to Contemporary if the MK bus isn’t running yet and then bus to Epcot.