AoA to Beach Club and back


This will be our first time visiting some other resorts while we are in town. We’re a family of 5 staying at AoA, and on a June Monday morning, we have photos at Beach Club resort. I am assuming we should get a Minnie Van to get there? My questions:

  1. Minnie vans are operated by Lyft? So we just call/text for one when we need one? (How long do they usually take to arrive?)
  2. If we’re taking private transportation, how long should we plan for to get to Beach Club?
  3. On our return back (around 1 pm, probably), we may take a bus to save a few bucks. Is it best to walk over to Epcot and get an AoA bus from there? Can we walk on a path around Epcot (we can’t go through the park, as we won’t have park passes for that day)?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

  1. Do you have little ones? Would Uber be any better, I’m sure it would be cheaper.

  2. Not sure.

  3. To walk to Epcot and get a bus needs park hoppers, you walk to the IG.

However you could walk to DHS or, because the boats aren’t running just now, you could get a bus to DHS.

To get back you would need to either walk, take the boat or take a bus to Hollywood Studios. From there take the bus to AoA. You have to walk through Epcot from the International Gateway to the front gate to take a bus from Epcot.

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  1. the longest trip from point to point at Disney is roughly 30 min.

The boats may not be running. If unable to walk Minnie vans may be better. Walking is faster than the boat to Hollywood Studios from the boardwalk and no park admission is needed.