AoA suite refurbishment?

I’ve come across two youtube videos and a brief article online about refurbishments in the AoA suites - mainly cosmetic, replacing the carpets with flooring, new paint, curtains. There was one room tour in each section but I couldn’t find any real information on the schedule or when it would be completed by. Anyone been there recently or know anything about this?

I was just there in December. Had a renovated suite in one of the Nemo buildings. There may be a renovation schedule on the disboards. I’ve actually been looking for info on the Mermaid rooms and their renovation progress but haven’t found anything concrete yet.

Interesting! Did you notice any hallways blocked off or work being done? Do you remember which room you were in? Thanks!

Found my room request post: We were in room 5725, third floor in Building 5. It faced away from the Skyliner which was a bummer but we spent barely any time in the room while the sun was shining so it hardly mattered.

No - I didn’t notice any hallways blocked off - I think that building was totally done. We cut through the first floor hallways pretty frequently. I didn’t walk around the other sections of the hotel and didn’t see any signs of construction/renovations at all. Going back in March (staying 1 night in a LM room) and plan to poke around a bit more.

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We did notice a bunch of work on the building farthest from the Skyliner entrance. We were in the Cars building but it was our first time staying there so I couldn’t say if it had been redone. It was a free upgrade from a regular room so I won’t complain either way.