AoA suite fridge


I’m staying at AoA in Dec for a week in a Cars suite. Does anyone know how big the fridge is? I am driving, and planning on grabbing some groceries and snacks, mostly for breakfasts. Just trying to gauge how much room I’ll have in the fridge. If anyone has a picture, that would be AWESOME!

This is a little bit old, but it should be helpful. The AoA description says “mini-fridge” so I think that they are the same as the POFQ fridges, but someone might be able to comment if the suite fridges are bigger.

I think our AOA suite fridge was similar to the one in the picture, but not 100% positive.

They are ‘dorm’ fridges - what is pictured above, you won’t be able to keep anythign frozen.

Thanks! Not really planning on anything frozen. Just trying to see what size milk, juice, etc. containers would fit. I’ll likely just be getting cereal and maybe bagels for breakfast :slight_smile:

We stayed in finding nemo rooms last December and ours was a dorm type fridge but had a little freezer in top. Maybe 4 or 5 inches tall. Inside of fridge

Awesome thanks!