AoA Suite Freezer Question

Trying to plan out food/snacks for in the parks. My question is, is there a freezer compartment in the fridge in the suites? And is it sufficient to actually freeze something? I’m thinking a juice box or two to keep the rest of the food chilled during the day in my thermal bag. Am I dreaming? I know the freezer sections of those types of fridges are never very good.

If not, I am assuming there are ice machines that I can fill a small ziplock to use as a cool pack instead?

I know I’m fretting about this too much, but these are the things that occur to me at 3 a.m. and keep me up wondering.

No real freezer. Just a “colder” portion of your mini-fridge.
Do with that what you will.

Ice in a zip lock it is then. :smile:
There are ice machines? Must be, right?

Can’t wait to be there, 40 more days!

You know, we never looked for ice machines! We filled up our fridge and set it to it’s coldest setting, but didn’t have anything that had to be frozen.

40 Days! Where at AoA are you staying?

I have an 8 year-old boy. Cars of course!

It’s a huge splurge to have the suite for just the three of us, but all of us are poor sleepers, and having separate sleeping spaces will make the week much more pleasant for all involved (innocent bystanders included).

My husband and I intend to trade off getting the bedroom, our son is usually out for the night once he finally falls asleep, so he’ll do fine on the couch for the week.

Awesome. We had a Nemo suite and loved it. All three of the beds were surprisingly comfortable… and our 6 & 8 year old thought the Murphy bed was so cool.

yeah, I’m worried we might end up with the couch once our son sees that Murphy bed…

We stayed in a Lion King suite in April and it was great having multiple sleep areas. DH and I do not sleep well together at home, let alone on vacation and in a tiny (compared to our king) bed. So he and DS10 slept in the bedroom in the queen, DD12 slept on the couch bed (which is quite comfortable by the way), and I slept on the table bed (very comfortable, I slept like a baby). Whatever works so that sleep happens at Disney is what we do :smile:

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Table bed? :confused:

Yes the table is connected to the 3rd bed, it is really a murphy bed I guess. Not like sleeping on a table at all!

The freezer was cold enough that everything on the top shelf of our fridge (cucumbers, grapes) ended up frozen solid. I think we might have kept ice cream in the freezer compartment for a couple of days, so for juice boxes to keep thermal bag cool it would be perfect. :slight_smile: You’ll love the suites, they’re amazing.

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Our sofa bed was actually more comfortable than the Murphy, but I slept fine on all three beds in the suite.

And our freezer compartment didn’t stay very cold. I guess it depends on which one you get.

There was a thermostat in the fridge somewhere. We adjusted it to stop the ice from forming on the top of our milk.

Our freezer in lion king accidentally froze our milk and soda… Murphy bed was super comfy.