AoA room request

Wondering what I should put down for my room request? We’re staying in the Nemo suites. I’d like it quirt so thinking avoid the pool - perhaps landscape view?? I don’t want to be too far from the lobby though. Any suggestions?

I’ve only stayed at AoA once, and that was in a Cars suite. I think all the complaints about long walks at AoA are overblown. If you can handle getting around the parks, you can handle walking across this resort.

If you’re in a Nemo room, you won’t have a long walk to anything. The longest part of your walk will probably be inside your building, and that’s not any more than a normal hotel. You’ll want to look at the Touring Plans room finder and get the range of room numbers that is on the “outside” parts of the two Nemo buildings if you want to stay away from the pool, splash pad and playground, since those would be the noisiest areas.

Also, before I stayed at AoA, I had read that the lower floors can be noisy due to footsteps above you. We stayed on the top floor and did not have any problems with noise other than one time when someone with kids was kind of noisy going down the hall when my kids were trying to nap.

I would use the room finder. Top floor and non pool facing are your best bets for reducing noise

Thanks! I didn’t know about this, although ot’s Coming up blank. For check-in on the app, I think I’ll select landscape view and highest floor. Outside room isn’t an option.

How many floors are there?

Select Nemo and set sound level for quite and it showing upper floor rooms in buildings 4 and 5. I would use the room fax request when you find a view you are happy with. Some nice views of hour glass lake with a short walk to the lobby.

I believe they are 4 stories high.

A couple years ago, we stayed at AOA in a Nemo suite on the 4th floor and never heard a thing. I know that traditionally the pool view rooms can be noisy, but it was a non issue for us.

We were in the Nemo suites in May and did not get what we requested through the TP room request. (it is only a request, I understand that - we had much better luck at Poly) We did get the building and floor but we had requested rooms closer to the lake and didn’t get that at all. We did get a room on the 4th floor, short hallway of the building to the left of the lobby as you face the pool (I think that’s building 4 but I could be wrong about that). It was quiet. I did see suggestions that the short hallways are much quieter than the long ones since not as many people are walking down them.