AoA room amenities

Do the LM rooms at AoA have coffee pots and fridges?

I believe all rooms do. The Coffee Makers are probably the pod makers seen at other resorts. Hopefully someone will come along and confirm that soon.

I know that the suite rooms have the coffee pods and fridges , not sure about the LM rooms

I don’t remember seeing a coffee maker in the LM rooms last year. The suites have the flat pod style. They all have a fridge.

Thanks everybody. My parents are staying in a LM room so they can be close to us, but they were concerned about their morning coffee. Looks like I need to plan time to fill mugs before we leave. :smile:

I concur with @jlyn. We were there in May - there was a fridge, but there wasn’t a coffee maker. Maybe there was supposed to be, though, because my sister (who didn’t have a coffee maker in her room next door) called and asked about it, and they said they could bring one for the room. She just skipped it, though.

No coffee pots, and it will be a treck to fill the mugs. We’re going to grab a cheap coffee pot and some filtered water for the room!

I don’t know when you guy are going but a few years back at a busier time they had a nice little breakfast cart right by the LM pool with coffee, bagels, etc… So maybe that could help? I wouldn’t count on it but you never know :grimacing:

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Do all of the rooms have a fridge? I think I heard that every on-property room has one, but the LM rooms seem to be bare bones, and it isn’t listed on the amenities here:

The LM rooms definitely have a fridge. It’s not terribly large (though big enough to fit a half gallon of milk, no problem), but ours was very cold!

But definitely no microwave, right?

Nope, no microwaves in the LM rooms. I also did not have a coffee pot, but also heard you can request one from mouse keeping .