AOA Little Mermaid room advice


Staying at AOA in September and need advice about Little Mermaid rooms. Which ones are your favorite and ones that are closest to buss stop and main building? We will have two rooms. Also when you do online checkin can you ask for a room number or building or do you have to call a few days out?Thanks for any advice.


If you look at the map, the 3 buildings form a U shape. I think Triton is closest to parking. Definitely avoid the Ariel bldg at bottom of U. But we actually liked Ursula because of the bee-ooo-tee-ful water view... A slightly farther walk from parking, but was worth it. smile


Building 9 is Triton and closest to parking. Bldg 7 is Ursula and has water views. Avoid 8 unless training for an endurance race. Map:


Thanks so much @B_squared. Do you know if you can put in a certain building when doing online checking?


I always call ahead to request rooms after researching rooms using TP's room selector. So far, I've gotten awesome rooms using this technique. And, TP will tell you exactly what to say on that call. Check it out!


We were in Ursula for one night. Still far I thought.


We stayed in Ursula and I thought we were staying at POP instead of AoA.


Thanks @Sam2071 . I looked at the pictures. The water views at Ursula look great but maybe a pool view at Triton would be better. I love how they tell you what to say. It says to text the resort. I didn't realize you could do this (thought you had to call). Where do you find the number to send text to?


My pleasure! It's a cool resource, right? Worked well for me in the past. I always just call.


Stayed in Ariel bldg last November.....very far, and cell phone service was sketchy


We stayed Ursula section facing the lake and really loved it!