AoA Little Mermaid connected rooms?

Are there any connected rooms in the Little Mermaid section of AoA? Specifically looking at 1st floor of buildings 7 or 9. I booked 3 rooms at one time. What’s the odds they will all be together?

I’m pretty sure the rooms connect, but I’ve never stayed in little mermaid section so not quite sure. Bumping your post for more knowledgeable folks…

I’ve always read that the best chances for getting 2 connecting rooms is when you have more kids than adults. Be sure to put in a room request asking for what you want.

I stayed in Little Mermaid rooms in 2016. I don’t remember them connecting. I would feel 100% certain that all 3 will not connect. Maybe 2 do, but I don’t think so. You can request that they be side by side though it isn’t guaranteed that it will be granted.

In 2015 I booked, but did not end up staying in, two Little Mermaid connecting rooms. So I know they have a connection b/c that was really important to me. I do not know if it is possible for a 3rd room to connect. I suggest calling the hotel directly to ask. Specifically request for your rooms to be together. They won’t guarantee it but they will try. I got that at Pop and Sports hotels when asked–my family had 2 rooms and our friend had a 3rd and we were right next to each other with the connection for my family. I have been told that Disney will only guarantee a connection if there are only 2 adults in the party, but ask for yourself b/c these are the kinds of things that might change all the time.

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I don’t remember that, because we didn’t want connecting rooms. Good to know and I stand corrected. I know 3 don’t connect though. I do remember that part.

Three rooms don’t connect at values as a adjoining rooms are mirror images on the walls

Thanks all. I understand 3 won’t connect but I was hoping to get 2 to connect and wasn’t sure if it was a certain floor or building in Mermaid that has connecting rooms, or all. I appreciate all your insights.