AoA Lil Mermaid - which room to request?

I’ve narrowed down my request to 1st floor of buildings 7 & 9 (We will have strollers and I don’t want to bother with stairs/elevator). We will have 3 rooms, 2 of which we hope to have connected. Any recommendations on which rooms? Poolside or lake view? Recommendations on how to achieve 3 rooms in a row? I’m sure that will be dependent on availability.

Use the TouringPlans room finder! You can see the views from each room and then use the room finder to ask TP to fax your room request for you!

Thanks, that is the plan. However, from room finder, I can’t determine which are connected. And past the pictures, was wondering pros/cons of pool side vs. pond side. The kids will like the theming of the courtyard, but does the noise outweigh that? Just looking for someone to sway me with their personal preferences :wink:

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If you click on a specific room in the AoA resort room finder tool, look in the lower right hand corner of the room description (beneath the picture). It will tell you the connecting room of the room you’re looking at.

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There is a spot to indicate if it is connecting, but does not appear to be updated specifically for Lil Mermaid suites at AoA. For example, one room lists a connecting room number. The room listed does not have a connecting room number listed.

I’d honestly just ask for connecting rooms on the first floor of either one of those buildings.

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