AOA Cars Suites 2nd Floor Noise

Has anyone stayed in an Art of Animation (AOA) second floor cars suite (particularly Building 3 - Luigi’s tires)? What was the noise level? I’m trying to decide if we should request the second floor because we could possibly use the stairs to get to our room or the fourth floor because its significantly quieter.

Last year, we stayed on the second floor of building 1, in a room facing the main path through the Cars buildings, but on the end of the building away from the pool (room 1605). We didn’t have any issue with noise.

Thanks for providing such specific feedback! It’s very helpful.

We’ve stayed 2nd floor for exactly that reason - easy stair access but lower noise. Has been perfect. :slight_smile:

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Yes, agreed!.. suggest requesting building 1 or 3, in the wing closest to animation hall, facing toward pool/Route 66. Quieter end, amazing view at night, close to buses and food. Just like being in Radiator Springs!

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I was impressed with the sound proof-ness of AoA in general. We were in Nemo and I had requested 4th floor facing the lake because I was worried about noise. We ended up with a view of the Big Blue Pool (still 4th floor) and didn’t end up hearing anything! Stairs were very manageable even on 4 (no strollers here, though) because the hallways are just not that long - elevators are always close, too. Great design of the resort! Have fun!


Agree. Worst noise for us was when we were first floor at end of Cars building 1 building next to the door - heard the door open/close and people talking as families came and went all night. Not awful at all - didn’t keep us away. But absolutely no noise through our windows.