AoA building 6 questions

I will be staying at a Lion King suite and will not have a car. I would like to request a room on Building 6 using the automatic fax method. I have 3 questions:

  1. I read recommendations to get a room in the side of the building which is closest to the Nemo buildings. Does it make any difference in time spent walking to transportation or to the main lobby? If the building has just one entrance it would not make a difference. Anyone here knows how these buildings are laid out?

  2. Also, is there any advantage in getting a ground level room? Again, I see plenty of recommendations to get a high floor for the silence, but if the ground level rooms allow for a quicker exit, it may be a good idea.

  3. Where are the elevators located in the building. In my experience a room too close to the elevators can be worse than even rooms facing a pool in terms of noise. The pings and other elevator sounds can get very irritating.

Thanks for the help. The forums here have been invaluable!

We stayed in building 6 and loved it. There is a central main entrance and the elevators are located here. The hallways have doors at the end as well. We were on the 4th floor and it was nice and quiet. The first floor seemed noisy to me as people are walking down the halls all the time. The elevators were fast and never crowded for us, avoiding them will save you like 2 minutes, I don’t think it is worth the trade for quiet. Also, the first floor seemed to be crowded with lots of strollers and scooters parked outside the rooms. If you look on the Touring Plans room finder tool, you will see exactly how the buildings are laid out. Yes, there are doors and stairwells at the end of the 3 wings of rooms.

Thank you so much, that answers all my questions!

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