Anywhere to still buy tickets?

We have an October trip with a DVC rental so non-refundable. I had not purchased my kids’ tickets yet. Anyone know of ANYWHERE that still has tickets for sale? I just need 2 one day tickets to help guarantee my kids can get in :confused:


Have you tried calling WDW directly and asking? I know I need to do so since not everyone on our reservation has tickets yet.

I have no idea if this is true, but I was thinking maybe an actual AAA office might have some hard tickets sitting around. But I do honestly think Disney somehow “turned off” all of the resellers since the tickets have to be date registered now. Maybe someone can sell a 1-day flex ticket.

Try chat… no wait, very helpful:

Have you tried Undercover Tourist? I was able to buy a two day for my daughter over the weekend.

They stopped selling them on Monday.

A couple of years ago we used Boardwalk Ticketing. Looks like they may still have some. I didn’t go all the way to the end of checkout, but it looks like it might work.

I ordered tickets from Boardwalk on June 1. It went all the way thru and sent me a confirmation that they received my order. Then a half hour later I received a e-mail that they could not sell any more tickets until Disney released them. So Boardwalk will fill my order as soon as they can and will not charge my credit card until they are actually sending the tickets.

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Following this as I’m in the same situation! DVC rental in october, plane tickets booked, and no park tickets for my party of 7 :grimacing: I’m trying to “go with the flow” and stay optimistic, but that would be easier with some park tickets!!

I may be interested.

I have two one day one park tickets that I can reassign to you if you’re interested.

I messaged you!

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