Anyway to see annual pass discount for hotels without being ap holder?

Good morning, we are planning a trip to Universal in March. I am waiting for universal to post their concert dates to see if annual passes are even an option (avoiding blackouts). Is there a way to see the ap discount for hotels without being an annual pass holder already? Thanks!

Go the reservations page and add &promo=APH to the end of the URL. After a few page changes the promo tag may disappear so if prices jump be sure to check the url.

If the url already has a promo tag just add =APH before the next &.


Thank you!

Excellent hack! :slight_smile:

Also, if you click a hotel, and the lowest rate isn’t available, that means the room with that rate isn’t available for the APH discount.

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For those who care, APH rates are out to at lease mid May.