Anytime Passes

Disney gave us anytime passes to use everyday on our trip for everyone in our party for some billing issues. I read on the threads here that the passes aren’t good for popular rides however when I go in to check out what rides I can use them on it is showing some popular rides. It says we get to choose 7DMT, Soarin, Test Track, Frozen, TZ just to name a few. I am being told my members in the threads that it isn’t good for some of these yet it shows that it is it the options. I do not see FOP, navi river, and SDD

I think ordinarily anytime FPs do exclude more rides than the three you have listed but since Disney issued them specifically for you and they expressly say they include 7D, FEA, etc. I’d say you should plan to be able to use them for those rides!

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If certain rides are excluded, the pass will say so.

We had two times of anytime passes during our December trip: (1) anytime, any park, and any ride and (2) anytime, any park but excluded headliners and it listed FOP, 7DMT, SDD, and TT.



so does this mean we can’t go on 7dmt? its listed as an option…

With the number 1 passes in my list above, we could have used them for 7DMT. No exclusions were listed on the passes b

With the number 2 passes in my list above, we could NOT have use them for 7DMT. The number 2 passes listed the excluded rides.

Read your passes, if no exclusions are listed, you can use them for 7DMT.


If it’s listed as an option you can use them for that ride. We also have some anytimes that include 7DMT.

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Not all anytime FPPs are the same. Some restrict you to one ride only. Some have no restrictions at all. Whatever your FPPs say they are valid for is what they are valid for.