Anytime FPP

Just reading a trip report and thinking about a scenario with anytime FPP that maybe someone knows the answer to.

What happens if you have 2 anytime fpp, one good for any ride and one that excludes top tier? I think at MK they usually exclude 7dmt unless that was the ride that was down and converted to anytime. When you go on a ride, will the restricted one automatically get used first? I would hate to accidentally use a 7dmt fpp for WtP.

Hopefully someone will chime in with a confident tech response, but in general, if by chance the wrong FPP was used, I’m sure that guest services would fix for you. We had an instance where an anytime couldn’t be used for 7D or, apparently, TS Mickey. The CM who gave use the pass didn’t tell us the bit about TS Mickey. After unsuccessfully trying to tap into the meet and greet, a quick stop by guest services resulted in a FP for Mickey…and we got to keep the anytime pass too.

This is by no means an official answer but this last trip we had so many anytime FPs that we had this very situation. Our MK day was a mess due to rain and other indoor rides being down so it may not be typical but the CMs seemed to be aware of all of the issues and were great about making sure we used the right one (we lost a 7DMT and HM FP and those were replaced with anytime). We also had this issue at HS (we lost a TOT FP due to it being down) and we tried to use the anytime at TSM (not remembering you couldn’t use it for any TSL ride). The tapstyle didn’t turn green and the CM asked us - we told them we had an anytime, he told us we couldn’t use it. Actually his partner told us that but then he just let us go through. It was a rough trip for down rides and I think he saw my disappointment/frustration. I gave him a hug - he made my day!

The one thing I was warned about was don’t use the grace period (generally 5 minutes before or 15 minutes after) for your existing FastPass and you should be fine - it won’t use the anytime FPP. If you use the grace period, it will grab the anytime FPP (I’m hoping I explained that so it makes sense!)

Yep, i had heard about that issue, just wasnt sure how multiple anytime are handled.

Good to know. So far i have never been to guest services, and hopefully i can keep it that way.

Sounds like the answer may be to keep track of what i have and mention it to the CM at the fastpass line when i get there to hopefully avoid any mixups.

We did do that once - they can see on their computer at the FPP line - so should be able to check.

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Are “anytime FP’s” the same as “Tier 1”?

No. I think the most common way to get them is if you have a FPP for a ride and then the ride is down during the FPP window. Then you get an anytime FPP that replaces your original FPP. If it was for a high demand ride like 7DMT, it will be good for any ride in the park. If it was for a lesser ride like Dumbo, it will exclude the higher demand rides.

We had an issue with anytime FPPs on our most recent trip - I can’t remember the exact details of what happened, but somehow my son’s anytime/any ride FPP got used instead of the rider swap, maybe? I’m not totally sure. But what I can tell you is that it was on the Barnstormer, we talked to the cast member at the fast pass line, and she put an anytime FPP back onto his band that excluded top tier, and told us to just explain to the cast member at 7DMT (our next stop, where we’d planned to use the FPP) what happened. We did, and it was no problem.

So all that to say that even if it does happen, in my very limited experience they’re pretty relaxed about it - if you have a believeable story they’ll believe you.

That’s a good point that I didn’t even think of. I would hope that a Rider Switch pass would take priority over a FPP which would take priority over an Anytime FPP that is restricted which would take priority over an unrestricted anytime FPP. But that is probably too much to expect from Disney IT.

The biggest takeaway I can think of, that is already written in lots of posts is to make sure you are in the actual window for your FPP (or Rider Switch pass), otherwise it might try to take the anytime FPP.

We had this issue many times on our trip last week. We had several different anytime FP, regular FP and child swaps. The software was inconsistent with which one was used. We had to go to guest services several times each day to correct mistakes.

For instance, we rope dropped Big Thunder and had an 11 AM FPP. We got a child swap, but when we used it at 10:15 AM, the system used our 11 AM FP instead of the child swap. This left my DD without a FP for our 11 AM ride. Guest services told us that the system is programmed to use FP before child swaps so in our case it opened our FP window early instead of using our swap.

We also had two occasions where half our family was charged anytime FP when we had regular FP available. It was super random.

You also have to watch whenever new anytime FP are added to your account. We had an anytime FP at HS that could work at ToT. We got additional anytime FP after an incident, but in adding these they downgraded our existing FP so they no longer qualified for ToT. I’m sure it was a mistake, but fixing it would have required yet another trip to Guest Relations. It wasn’t worth it for us at that point, but still annoying.

that’s crazy!

If it helps, last week Guest Services told us that they were having “itinerary issues” for several weeks and that it was creating problems for some guests. We were logged in with my account on my phone and my husband’s phone. We never saw the same FP, despite being logged into the same account. Guest Services also had tons of trouble seeing and changing our FP. The system was super glitchy.

We waited to get our FP fixed 8 times in 4 days, but just gave up a few times because we couldn’t deal with waiting in line yet again.