Anytime FP Notes

T minus 9 days for our first trip. I’ve been making notes since it helps me keep the overwhelming amount of info organized. Figured I’d add this here in case it helps anyone out. Most of the below if from the Backside of Magic podcast. We only have 1 ticket per day and no park hopper.

Anytime FP Next Day / Late Night Lottery
FP reservations stop 30 min before park close
60-90min prior to park close might get you a FP + 1 day
For no AP holder, FP must be made for your park that day
Actual FP + 1 day can be used at any park next day
Look for ride already down. May or may not be available for a FP
Best place to look is on the MDE app (bottom of list)
Otherwise the following are the most likely but consider weather.
For my schedule only 3 nights would possibly work -
Sat - Epcot (TT, FEA) but we plan to be there till close
Sun - MK (Splash, SM, 7DMT, Pirates)
Mond - AK (Kali, Dinosaur, EE)

If you know a ride is down for your current park, you can book a FP (if allowed) for that moment (not too far in the future or you won’t be able to book anything else) and that should convert to anytime FP (8 minutes in to the time?).

If your ride is down, leave it be. It will convert to anytime FP (except FOP, 7DMT, FEA unless it was that ride).

For anytime FP be careful of windows. Only use scheduled FP in your time frame (not the 5 before or 15 min after).