Anything of significant value on October 1st besides the obvious ride/show premieres?

yeah that’s what it looked like back in late May too.

Wasn’t Remy finished and ready in the spring too but they are just holding it for October? :rage:

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Think it was ready to go short of staff training in November or December, but yup.

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I’m hoping they have some surprise happenings that day. My thought is they may not be announcing it bc they already know the places is going to be nutso with people.

I would have thought so too, but then the 9PM closing makes me think otherwise.

Personally I’m hoping for some rare character sightings via stage shows or train station show or something. I’d be content to hang on Main St all day for that.

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You mean 50 golden statues ain’t enough? Sheesh! :wink:

I’m sure Chapek will be there…. oh wait, you wanted something of value? I mean he’s worth quite a bit. :woman_shrugging:

I’m sure there’ll be some nice merchandise, if you can get it before people buy it all and sell it on eBay. Maybe a cupcake?

They could surprise everyone and unveil a completely new parade. At one time that was planned, then it kind of fizzled out.

Honestly, I think it’s going to be a “you just have to be there” type of thing. But I really hope there is something spectacular, other than Enchanted, at MK. They did promise “50 things for the 50th”.


How about BLOGGER SIGHTINGS! Don’t you want to see DFB, TP, random influencers with selfie sticks, etc.?!?


Hahaha I saw plenty at the F&W opener. I bet I’m a youtube star now! Also I bet all their heads exploded when they realized they had to choose between MK and EP for the Ratatouile and Harmonious opener.


agreed! I’m all for celebrating the 50th later :slight_smile: The first week of October used to be one of my main weeks but it picked up crowds a bit a few years back. I would say for almost 10 years straight I was in Epcot on Oct 1 and never really was knocked over by the actual birthday - just was an added bonus since I was already there.

Yeah - there was serious thought going around that it was going to open in Feb. I know CMs who arranged to be in Epcot on one day when there were very strong rumors of a soft opening or flat out opening.


I have MK Oct 1 & Epcot Oct 2. But I’m ok with the craziness. I’ll be in Orlando for two weeks (26th onward) Staying off-site. At least with park hopping if it’s too nuts we can go to one of the other parks.

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I was completely bummed out (okay angry) that my park reservation for MK for 10/1 poofed and nobody would restore it.

Then the same happened with my Epcot ressie I reluctantly made as an alternative.


I got over the FOMO and bragging rights and cancelled the trip altogether. We will see what’s to see in January (me and sis) and April (family) and that will be fine because it won’t be the insanity that 10/1 will be, and there may be MORE offerings by then too.


Oh, a sister trip!! I would love to take mine. Her son died in March, and her husband had a heart attack/3 strokes in April. It has been ROUGH for her! I’m going to start scheming for a way to make it happen!


It’s a marathon trip, and happens to be with my sister. Not exactly the same thing as a Sister Trip because the focus will have to be on the event and managing ourselves for that, vs a trip where we See All The Things, Do All The Stuff, and Eat And Drink All the Eats and Drinks.

Maybe we’ll do that someday


Wow, how could that happen! I can’t blame you for cancelling the trip.

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Well, my sister is a runner, but I am definitely not!!


Has this happened before? I think I’ll take screen shots of my park ressies now. :rage: I have sat/sun Oct 2/3 MK/EC that I’ve been holding for weeks now. Although, I keep thinking about waiting to go in Nov instead.

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IDK but it did. I have heard of it happening to others and IT help desk was horrible about it, stopping just short of calling me a liar (“We don’t see that you ever made a park reservation for these dates”). I’ll spare you all the details but we all know that I’m not new to the process and there was a whole bunch of stuff leading up to the making of the reservations that happened which are documented in my stuff even if not viewable by Disney (who never could make up their minds about how far back they could see my MDE activity).