Anything of significant value on October 1st besides the obvious ride/show premieres?

I’m feeling pretty deflated after the announcement that HEA will end on Sept 29th - I’m arriving late that night and will miss it. This has got my mind swirling about not going that weekend at all. I was hoping to see the last HEA on the 30th, the first Enchanted the next night, and then Harmonious the last night of my short 3-day trip. But I’ll be back in November for the Wine & Dine races, so I will see Enchanted and Harmonious then. Why suffer the craziness of the 50th weekend just to see those (and ride Remy) a month early?

I imagine there will be some crazy hoopla going on the morning of Oct 1 in MK, but maybe I’m just assuming that has value to me. Can anyone fill me in on what Disney has done for other park anniversaries? I honestly have no idea what to expect.


I have park res for the Oct first weekend and have been thinking about his too. I can ride these first in a month or so later, when it’s cooler, and possibly less crowded?!?

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We will be there 9/30 through 10/5.

I reworked our park days to avoid both MK and EPCOT on Friday, 10/1. We will be spending that day at AK (CL3), Saturday at MK (CL8), and Monday at EPCOT (CL5). With both MK and EPCOT showing a CL of 10 on the first, I just couldn’t see us getting anything done. We are good skipping the pomp and circumstance in order to better enjoy our visit!


I could be good skipping it too, but I just don’t know what it will even be!

Yup, I totally get that. I actually still have my park reservation for EPCOT on the first…haven’t swapped it out for AK yet. I am waiting for more information about the schedule, but I am not expecting anything that earth shattering to keep us from switching.

If I had a longer trip w/ two full days for both MK and EPCOT, I would choose one of them for the first, but we haven’t visited since 2018 and don’t have anything scheduled so I can’t “waste” a day wading through crowds and not enjoying the parks.

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They just opened up more passes for 10/1.

honestly, this realization hit me HARD last night.

What’s the incentive to be there on 10/1?

I gotta say… I’m really really struggling to think of anything. Nothing they’ve announced is all that amazing. Almost all the things that were planned aren’t going to happen. Remy is finally opening (so that’s 1 positive), but there’s still no word on Space 220 and 60 days is faaaast approaching. Construction is still happening at a lot of places and they’re STILL starting projects (which is moronic).

The short hours, the massive crowd, the lack of fpp, most shows still being closed (as of now), the -NOTHING- on 9/30, the holding off on everything extra (no boo bash, extra hours, etc) that entire week before…

Aside from bragging rights, which only bloggers seem to care about, what reason is there to be there around 10/1 that wouldn’t be a better experience later in the celebration year?


Yep, sums it up nicely!

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Agreed. I am attending a conference in Clearwater the week before so my travel dates aren’t all that flexible. I would definitely consider moving our trip to mid October or November otherwise.

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I’m with you 100%. The big thing for me is I have SW travel credits that expire the first week of October, so I can fly for free for the 50th weekend or lose the credits. All in, I’m looking at a $500(ish) trip. Not sure I’ll ever do a trip this cheap again. If it weren’t for the free flight, I would be canceling today. It is hard for me to give up something that is free, even if I have to spend money to claim it, lol!


I guess where I’m at is whether there will be any truly unique experience the morning of the 1st. If there is, I lean towards still going.

I think the biggest “unique” experience is you’ll get a little handout saying “it’s Mk’s 50th!” like they did for HS’s 30th.

Probably some limited merch too (which will be gobbled up quickly). :grimacing:

Aside from that… I don’t think there’s going to be anything. I mean, even the welcome show hasn’t returned yet, right? The Castle stage is still under construction?


That’s too cheap for a Disney trip. I say spend the savings and get a plaid for the day! :slight_smile:


I’ve seen ppl race to the shops (on a release day), fill their baskets w/ multiples of an item. Rude!


I was at HK on the day TSL opened and rode ASS with only a half hour wait.

Literally no-one cares.

Hell, I’ve ridden Ratatouille three times with zero wait and no-one cares.


we don’t care.


But seriously, exactly.

And while the Remy thing is nice, as you pointed out it’s been around for a while and there’s to be no changes from the DLP version aside from, I’m guessing, it’ll be in English instead of French. So even its debut is quite muted.

But then there’s also the Coco animation addition for the Philharmagic! which…also already debuted in Disneyland and can be seen on youtube. :rofl:


My trip in mid/late October, which blatantly isn’t going to happen, has me worried. I keep checking the on-site accommodation options in the hope that ASMo or Pop will, er, pop up. All that’s happening is that the options are reducing to only ridiculous ones.

The current state of play (for six nights, do the math yourself: times by 1.4):

ASMu £804
AK £3,000
GF £3,786
SSR £10,008
CC £13,554

And that’s it.

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Yeah the options are laughable. Which is why my plan was to stay offsite, hence the crazy low price of my trip. Only way I could get my lovely wife on board with some of my solo plans.

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WDWNT reported months ago the work looked almost done, just not being used.