Anything like for Disneyland Paris

I am a huge fan and despite having been to WDW over 30 times love doing a custom touring plan for every day I go to a WDW park. It’s just one day and a week day in September, so it shouldn’t be overly busy by Disney standards but are there any attraction apps similar to touringplans that anyone is aware of for Disenyland Paris. I’d love something like that for DS 22 and me to plan our day. DH isn’t a big theme park fan, so I am booking a food tour for him in Paris on the day we go, but DS and I could not go to Paris without a day at one of the Disney parks lol.


There are forums but no apps that I know of (outside of the official Disney one). I’ve never really needed a touring plan there tbh

Remember that people will be arriving from all over to run the Disneyland Paris half marathon (and associated races) in late September. while that doesn’t mean that you should be overly concerned, just be aware that there might be a small crowd level hiccup leading up to race weekend.

I’ll be one of those wierdos arriving for the races, so I’m looking forward to my first DLP visit, too. If you find anything good, please be sure to share! :smiley: